Obtain Your Desired Plants Through This ArcheAge Planting Guide

Fruit and Log are two kinds of plants in ArcheAge online world. You gather fruit from fruit trees while you get logs when cut down, these two trees have different goals in ArcheAge you can choose.

How to distinguish these plants?
ArcheAge Seedling of Sapling

Seeing this pictures, you can know the description of fruit seedling more than the log seedling: Yields logs when cut down and again gather time is x d x h, so it is easy to know what type of tree though seedling.

How to choose the place to plant?

Knowing the difference between seedling, then you can choose place to plant your tree. How to choose the right place to plant? First, do not placing your tree into scarecrow field, why? The land of scarecrow field is 8*8, but your tree just need 3*3 or 4*4. The land of log bigger than the fruit in generally, but no matter which your choose, you just only planting 4 trees. If a field just placing 4 trees, not only waste the land and times, but also the benefit is lowest. Of course, placing the wheat, azalea, daffodils and other crops are better if you want to plant in field, more quantity nor waste land. The best way is planting pumpkin or find a lonely place to plant that suit for large-scale cultivation.
ArcheAge Plants

Another, you should notice that if the climate there is suited to the needs of the seedling. Because the climate impact of the growth time and yield saplings of plant.
Do not put fences on the edge of your Scarecrow, they will take up a few inches and mess up your plant organization.


Main yields fruit from Fruit trees, can repeat gather when the seed grow into a tree, while need to re-seeding when cut down from the log seed grow into a tree.
Fruit seed → trees grow-up → fruit ripening (pick fruit) → repeat (fruit ripening) → cut down (some logs)
Log seed → trees grow-up → cut down (massive logs)
On the ripening time, the longer growing of log, the greater numbers of logs when cut down (affected by climate).
Do not water a plant if it only takes 2 hours or less to grow! Watering it will only take off a few minutes and it is a waste of Labor Points.

Recommended seeds

There are some nice seeds you can choose and has best cost efficient.
Fruit seed: Banana plants, Olive plants.
Log seed: Rubber, Cedar
Notice that the Banana and rubber trees are tropical climate. Banana and rubber bark can do loyal specialty, and the rubber tree need less gathering of labor than other trees, what’s more, can gather more logs.

Last, notice that gathering different plants need cost different labor points, how to choose less labor to get logs or fruits seed, please experience in the ArcheAge online game.


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