FIFA 16 News: Best 41212-2 Squad Builder with Ramos


(Report) Arjen Robben is a Dutch professional footballer who plays for German club Bayern Munich and is the captain of the Netherlands national team. He become a IF black card at FIFA 16 Coins TOTW 10 due to his performance.

In-Game Rating “Robben 91”
– LW: 93
– LF: 92
– ST: 88
– CF: 92
– RF: 92
– RW: 93
– LM: 91
– CAM: 92
– CM: 84
– CDM: 63
– RM: 91
– LWB: 68
– LB: 63
– CB: 50
– RB: 63
– RWB: 68

Advantages: it is worth our attention is the position of the Robben from LM into a ST. I think a lot of players is very exciting for this position. So how to use Robben to make him become the soul of the team?
First, for formation I recommend 4-1-2-1-2 (2), 4-4-2 and other double strikers formation. Because Short Passing of Robben is as high as 87 of the ball as a surgical knife. And Workrates of Robben is H/L, this is the reason we choose two strikers, because two strikers formation must have a striker’s Workrates is H/L. And H/L Workrates is the best choice of grab position strikers.
H/L ST will stay in their frontcourt, attack and counterattack are in the first line, he will automatically forward positive movement, do not need press LB. If you choose a double forward formation must have a HL. Then as a great grab position type striker, most important attribute must be PAC, and Robben’s acceleration and sprint speed are as high as 93, so he has a very good explosive on speed and cheap fifa 16 coins!

Cons: I think the only drawback to Robben is that his Weak Foot only 2*. This is the reason we choose two striker formation. Because 4* and 5 * more suitable play a single striker, they can toward the goal in each direction. While, the Weak Foot of two strikers formation is not so important.

In the selection of the four intermediate position, they have excellent pass. Although the long pass of Gustavo and Gotze is not very good, but due to the 4-1-2-1-2 (2) formation very narrow, so that the impact is not big.



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