FIFA 16 Ultimate Team : Cheap and Best Bronze Squad Guide

If you have no more fifa ultimate team coins in the beginning of the game, you can try a bronze squad with few coins, here is one of recommended bronze squad in FIFA 16.

GK: Sam Walker
He is six foot six and generally good goalkeeper in FIFA game with nearly hundreds of coins.
CB: Done Woo Kim
He is six-foot-two in FIFA game with high defensive, you can even buy him with only 200 coins. it’s much more cheap for him to has 83 pace, 62 defending and 80 physical.
CB: Adedeji Oshilaja
If you has Oshilaja in FIFA game, you will find he is just dominate. He has 60 defending, 72 physical, 79 strength and 92 jumping. Oshilaja play so well and he is really solid and you can buy him with about 250 coins
RB: Seth Nana Twumasi
Twumasi has been a beast sometimes, he has 88 pace and 82 physical, you can get him with about 1K coins. Twumasi feels so quick and stronger in game, he will let you down because he always defends the attacks.
LB: Ji Hoon Yu
He is just for chemistry reasons to put into the team, he has 63 defending and 77 strength. You can buy him with nearly 450 coins.
CDM: Eun Sun Kim
Kim is a really well run according to the stats and you can see almost all of his stats are very similar, you can get him with only 200 coins.
CM: Abu Ogogo
He has 73 pace 62 dribbling 60defending and 82 physical, he will get up and down the field with a high work rate and just play so well for this team.
CM: Emmanuel Osadebe
Osadebe is six-foot-two and ranks only 56, but he is so good in defend in game because he has 91 stamina. He can get up and down the field and never runs a stamina. He is so good with only 500 fut 16 coins.
RM: Zeli Ismail
He has decent dribbling as well as skill moves, and he is quick as well.
ST: Lewis Alessandra
He has four-star skill moves and you can get him with only 200 coins. he plays incredible with 79 pace, 69 physical and 58 shooting.
LW: Wesley Smith Alves Feitosa
He is absolutely cheap as much as 400 coins, he has 91 pace, 64 dribbling, 75 physical. In addition, he has 83 strength and 87 jumpy and he is so quick and skill moves.


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