Squad Builder Guide of FIFA 16

Maybe some position is not the best one, but it’s cheap and best to buy. Welcome tofut16coin  to learn FIFA 16 squad builder guide, here is one of the cheap 8K D1 squad. All of the player in the squad is worth 600 ~800 coins.

GK : Matheus Lima Magalh?es

A good player upgraded in FIFA 16 with 81 potential. Seem amazing.

LB : Layún

He is one of TOTW 9 with 70+ in every state! Will come in handy to my cheap squad! You can get him with nearly 800 coins

RB : Mano

The only silver card in the Team, maybe he isn’t the best one in right backfielder but the good chemistry one.

CB : Josué

It’s deserved to own Josué, he has 75 pace, 78 defense and 74 physical. It seem amaze for this team. What’s more, he is cheaper as much as nearly 400 coins.

CB : Martins Indi

Everyone is negative to Martins Indi but I think he is a very good defender, the problem is he is very aggressive, Sometimes he makes some stupid mistakes. You need to learn how to use him better.

CM :Imbula

Imbula is so damn good on FIFA this year, actually he should got better than 77. Because he has good dribbling in the game.

CM : Jo?o Mário

Mário may be the best midfielders in a couple of years, he is amazing and really deserved upgrade. Although he has all 70+ except defense 68.

CDM : Pelé

It is interesting that Pelé ranks only 65 in FIFA 15, now he has upgraded to 75. Maybe the next year will upgrade to 85 and the next to 85. It’s just a fan’s ridivules. But it shows Pelé is really a good play with 72 pace, 73 dribbling, 74 defending and 70 passing. He is cheap fifa 16 coinsas well comparing to other midfielder players.

CAM : Adel Taarabt

Nice player with skill move 5*, it seems amazing although has only 32 defense.

ST : Fredy Montero

84 dribbling and 80 shoot, a nice player for ST. he is a excellent player and may scored goal in the match.

ST : Vincent Aboubakar

Like a beast in the match and deserve 4 star skill. But occasionally you will see him make some mistake because of the 79 aggression. In general, he is one of the best one in the cheaper strikers.


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